About Us

Focused on the hospitality industry, Revolve is here
to serve the greater San Diego area and beyond.

Our new state-of-the-art facility was engineered from the ground up to maximize efficiency and provide superior quality. Our experienced team of laundry and hospitality professionals understand each of our customer’s unique needs and requirements because we work closely with them to develop solutions that meet or exceed guest expectations, daily operational deadlines and budget. Experience the Revolve difference for yourself. 

Management Team

Brian Voytovich

Chief Executive Officer/Founder


Mr. Voytovich has over 15 years experience in the laundry industry, opening his first coin operated laundromat and dry cleaner near Downtown San Diego in 2010. During this time a local hotel (who outsourced all their laundry) called with an emergency – their current service had been late for a pick-up and they needed help. Without batting an eye Brian’s team jumped into action and filled the order. This was the moment the idea for Revolve was born. After substantial research  (competitive, financial, equipment, etc.) Revolve Commercial Laundry was formed in 2016.  After a little over two years of construction, the greenest laundry in Southern California was built – the new state-of-the art facility officially opened its doors in early 2018.

Brian knew that the new facility was only half the battle – the real key would be building a team of top-notch service professionals who understand the importance of quality and customer satisfaction – coupled with an experienced management team to provide the guidance and supervision to ensure our customers’ success. Again and again.

Brian is a member of The Textile Rental Services Association and Chamber of Commerce. He also believes in giving back and supports a variety of charitable organizations throughout Southern California. In addition, Brian has led the charge in creating ‘RevolveCares’ – a program in which we recycle, reuse, and repurpose used linens by donating them to local charities.

Arturo Sanchez
Logistics Manager
A true dry cleaning and laundry specialist, Mr. Sanchez has been working in the industry for more than 30 years. He knows every facet of the business because he’s worked at every level. Arturo managed the original Revolve store, and quickly proved his business savvy by creating partnerships with City Police Departments and Disneyland, among others. Quickly, he began overseeing a greater number of employees and accounts. He and Brian have been together ever since. Arturo absolutely loves his job and providing the best service possible.
“I ensure our customers know we can meet their cleaning and laundry needs with the utmost care and attention to detail… every time.”
General Manager
Mr. Candelario has over 12 years experience in the hospitality laundry industry. Most notably, he managed the laundry operations at The Hilton San Diego Bayfront, one of San Diego’s largest and finest properties. He is energetic, organized and focused – no matter what’s thrown at him.
Edgar has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the hotel laundry business and stresses the importance of accountability, quality and excellent customer service to every employee who wears the Revolve shirt – something he strives for himself every day.
Vice President Business Development

Mr. Krone has built a career on providing first-class service and customer satisfaction in a variety of industries. From technology, to real estate, to hospitality and commercial laundry – his depth of knowledge, attention to detail and ability to anticipate his client’s needs are what separate him from the pack.

At Revolve, Doug is focused on supporting next level customer service through systems innovation, technology and good old fashioned hard work – and by bringing a fresh approach to an otherwise static industry. As a native of Southern California, Doug has a deep understanding of local landmarks, hotels, restaurants, golf courses, beaches and the hospitality industry as a whole.

Work at Revolve


Our Values


Our approach to serving our customers involves more than merely laundering linens.  We believe in a partnership approach by assisting our customers with linen inventory and par management. We provide hotel management with linen utilization reports, and we participate in the inventory process, monitor linen replacements – ensuring a proper circulation of inventory.



We have two full-time quality assurance specialists, who monitor the wash process for consistency and conduct audits throughout the laundering process.  Revolve’s comprehensive Quality Assurance Program guarantees that our customers and their guests will receive the highest quality product each and every time. 


Revolve is the greenest commercial & hospitality laundry service in Southern California.  We recycle approximately 80% of our water and incorporate Voltea capacitive deionization technology that removes 90% of total dissolved solids from water coming in to the facility (less than half the amount in mountain spring water.)  This allows our super efficient, bio-degradable cleaning agents to react better and produce cleaner, softer linens.  

45 % of thermal gas is recycled and nearly 40% of our electricity is generated with solar. In addition, we don’t use antiquated energy sucking boilers like everyone else – instead we incorporate fire-tube technology boilers that reduce our natural gas use and carbon footprint substantially. 



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