Outsourcing vs. On Property Laundry (OPL)


Typically, hotels who use on premises laundry (OPL) do so for a variety of misguided reasons. They consider it to be more convenient, cost effective, and reliable. What they don’t consider is how much money is wasted in the process of a large scale OPL operation. Beyond the cost of machinery, which needs frequent upgrades and repairs, there is the cost of excess gas and electricity spent, which is often indistinguishable from the gas and electricity used in day-to-day hotel operations. Additionally, excess water which goes unrecycled and wasted costs hotels greatly. While it may seem convenient to keep laundry equipment on premises, space used on massive equipment is space that could otherwise be used as a source of revenue such as a spa or gym. In addition to this wasted space, the machinery needed to keep high quality linens in shape requires a lofty capital investment and precise chemical composition. Moreover, hotels tend to keep the same amount of laundry staff on hand regardless of current occupancy, and thus pay the same rate to their staff regardless of how much laundry is actually getting done.


REVOLVE Commercial Laundry only charges for services rendered, this pay as you go model means that our customers no longer lose money on laundry when occupancy numbers are low. Because of our top of the line machinery, we are able to reduce the cost of water, gas, and electricity, and also reduce the amount of water wasted in the laundering process by up to ten times. Our perfectly balanced chemical formula results in the softest linens imaginable.  In addition, the size of our machinery allows for our customers to raise their par levels and in turn, allows for longer life for all goods being laundered. Our warehouse is also fitted with high tech weighing and tracking software which allows our customers to know exactly how much is being washed, and to follow their goods through the laundering process.  This provides security for our customers in knowing that their goods are safe and well accounted for.  Our unmatched software leads to complete transparency throughout the laundering process but what our customers enjoy most is our convenient location in the south San Diego area. This allows us to keep our turnaround very short.  It also lets us communicate and solve any issues rapidly. All of these features show that not only is OPL a bad idea for most hotels, but that REVOLVE provides the convenience, cost effectiveness, and reliability that they seek.


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Our approach to serving our customers involves more than merely laundering linens. We believe in a true partnership approach. We take an active role in assisting our accounts with linen inventory and par management. We provide linen utilization reports which are reviewed with the hotels key managers. We participate in the inventory process and monitor linen replacements to ensure a proper circulation of inventory.

We have two full time quality assurance specialists, who monitor the wash process for consistency. The two individuals conduct audits throughout the laundering process. Revolve Commercial Laundry’s comprehensive Quality Assurance Program guarantees that our customers and their guests will receive the highest quality product available within the hotel laundry industry today.

we are the “greenest “ COG ( customer owned goods) hospitality Laundry in western United States   Recycling 81% of our water.  We incorporate Voltea capacitive deionization technology that removes 90% iof total dissolved solids from water, half the tds of mountain spring water.  This allows the bio degradable cleaning agents to react better and produce whiter and softer linens.  

45 % of thermal gas and 40% of producing 40% electricity through solar paneling. We do not use traditional energy sucking boilers but rather fire tube technology boilers that save a considerable amount of natural gas to heat water